Amplifier Functionality Chart

Montalvo engineers a variety of Load Cell Strain Gauge Amplifiers to meet the requirements of any application. If you are not sure which Amplifier might be best for you, please refer to the chart below.

Model Gauge Type Supply Voltage Description
A4 Semi-Conductor Strain or Foil 24 VDC Simplicity & Functionality Amplified in the newest Montalvo amplifier
M-3200 Semi-Conductor Strain 115/230 VAC Standard load cell amplifier
M-3200-LTR Semi-Conductor Strain 115/230 VAC Amplifies signal from either end of roller or combines signal as total output
M-3224 Semi-Conductor Strain 24 VDC Standard load cell amplifier powered by 24VDC
M-3300 Foil Gauge 115/230 VAC Foil Gauge Load Cell Amplifier
M-3324 Foil Gauge 24 VDC Foil Gauge Load Cell Amplifier powered by 24 VDC

Still not sure which Semi-conductor Strain or Foil Gauge Amplifier is best for your application? Contact a Montalvo Applications Specialist today for immediate answers to your questions.