DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller w/ Tension Indication

DTI3400 Dancer Controller w/ Tension Indication

DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller w/ Tension Indication

The exclusive DTI3400HD combines dancer and load cell based tension control in one powerhouse package. Receive direct tension feedback from the material you are running for exact tension control while capitalizing on all the benefits of your dancer. The DTI3400 utilizes both load cell and dancer feedback for precise, accurate and repeatable control. The DTI3400HD has been replaced by the Z4-UI

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Tension Indication

Unwind Tension Control

Soft Start: Minimizes tension upsets during start up

Anti-Coast: Prevents web tension from dropping during rapid deceleration

Web Break Detection: Programmable alarms or stop machine should a break occur, reducing waste and productivity loss

Splice: Maintains tension on materials during flying splice, resulting in successful splices without tension changes

Compatible with a range of feedback sources: ultra-sonic sensors, dancer position sensors, proximity switches, laser sensors, and potentiometers.

Set It & Forget It Technology
With a few key set-up parameters your machine operates at maximum efficiency without constant monitoring.

Variable Wrap Angle Technology Montalvo’s exclusive Variable Wrap Angle Technology eliminates the need to isolate the tension sensing roll and allows for roll contact to be made to only one side of your web. Learn More

Range Expansion The DTI-3400HD Tension Controller supports range expansion, utilizing Montalvo’s P-3000HD, to expand the capabilities or your brake system without sacrificing precise control. Learn More

Progressive Gain Technology
Prevents over compensation of the dancer/rider arm when detecting an error in tension to ensure uniform control.

Responsive & Stabile
Progressive PID Circuitry gives you the responsiveness you require at full roll with the necessary stability at the core.

Multiple Mounting Options
Available in a dust proof, water resistant heavy duty enclosure or as a standalone circuit board.

For additional information on the DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller please download the DTI-3400HD Datasheet.


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