Rotary Union – HPS Clutch

Rotary Union – HPS Clutch

The RU Rotary Union is a mechanical rotating device that allows the transfer of air to and from rotating equipment. It is recommended for use with our HPS clutch (which requires a constant air fl ow during rotation) operating at speeds of up to 3500 RPM and at a maximum air pressure of 75 psi. The small size is ideal for use in applications with limited space. The RU housing is aluminum and features a carbon graphite hardened tool steel seal.

  • Overview

Monoflow Design

Radial Housing Connection

Balanced Mechanical Seal

Oiler for Re-Lubrication

Low Torque

Wide Range Performance
For application running to 3500 RPM and/ or 75psi.

For additional information on the Rotary Union please download the RU Datasheet.






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