Roll Stand Rebuild

Montalvo is more than just a leader in tension control products. Our unique expertise and know-how gives us the ability to transform practically any application regardless of condition.

This roll stand rebuild highlights Montalvo’s ability to completely transform an out of work machine into a maximum profit generator.

Roll Stand Before and After

Rebuild Overview

Upgrades Results
Upgraded brake to V250 Brake with Quick Change V-pads Increased torque capacity & control capabilities with the V- Brake and saved significant amount of time with tool-less pad changes
Added Fan Cover to Brake Increased the brake’s cooling capacity, increased safety, add increased brake longevity by protecting it from accidental damage
Old, heavy dancer system replaced with ES Live Roller Load Cells Inefficient system with poor tension feedback replaced with a high quality, long service life,lightweight, highly tension sensitive system
Idler Rolls thoroughly inspected and repaired Eliminated marks and damage being made to web while increasing efficiency and end product quality
Hydraulic Pump & Motor thoroughly inspected and repaired Increased productivity, efficiency, and safety
Replaced all hoses, fittings, filters and gauges where needed Eliminated damaged parts of application to maximize machine operation, and feedback
Greased and Serviced all mounted bearings Completed refurbish by returning machine to 100% working condition
Installed Complete Unwind Tension Control System, including, a X3400 Tension Controller, and a P3000 Range Expander Upgraded the applications original capabilities, maximizing productivity, efficiency, and profitability for the fraction of the cost of a new machine.

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