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Can this be used for unwind or rewind?

Yes, it includes features for both Rewind and unwind applications.

Can this be used with a drive?

Yes, it can be be used in any torque controlled application.

What is the Least/Most tension I can control?

Light tension is limited to the torque device being controlled as well as mechanical limitations of the machine, not the controller.

What is the fastest/slowest I can go?

Fast or Slow speeds both have unique issues that may require specific characteristics of one particular model or another. Please consult one of our application specialists. Contact Us

When would I use an open loop controller?

Applications that are intermittent, such as die cutting and applications that cannot allow both sides of the web to be touched by rollers.

What types of sensors can I use with this controller?

Ultra-Sonic Sensors, Proximity Switches, Laser Sensors, & Rider Arms.

Does this controller control tension?

While it does not directly control tension, by varying the torque proportionally to diameter, the accuracy of maintaining constant tension is only limited by the linearity of the torque device.

How do I know if it’s my controller or machine that's malfunctioning?

It is very easy to determine if the controller is functioning as it should. A Montalvo technician can talk you through a few simple checks. Contact Us