June 2011 Newsletter

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Industry Article: Accurate, Consistent Tension Control for Maximum Productivity in Roll to Roll or Roll to Sheet Processes
Product Spotlight: Ultimate Performance & Convenience: Load Cell / Roll Assembly

Accurate, Consistent Tension Control for Maximum Productivity in Roll to Roll or Roll to Sheet Processes

-Featured in the first edition of Converting Quarterly Magazine. Written by Doug Brockelbank

Excerpt- “Tension is due to forces pulling against each other and when applied to processes involving moving webs, it is necessary for the sake of production efficiency, that these opposing forces are stabilized at a set value which is applicable to both the material and the process.

Tension is an invisible force, so unless the correct regulating equipment is in place the result of incorrect tension may not become apparent until, in the case of some converted products, it is delivered to the end user. This is particularly so in the case of stretch films and laminates.

The correct tension, regardless of material, is dependent not only on its modulus of elasticity but also on the process which is being carried out at the time. To cite one example, a flexographic printing press engaged in printing on thin gauge plastic film will require a different set of tension values for the unwinding process, a different set of tension values for the printing process, and for slitting, and for rewinding….”

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Product Spotlight: The Ultimate in Performance & Convenience – Load Cell / Roll Assemblylcr load cell roll featured image

Montalvo’s Load Cell Roll Assembly combines our industry leading load cells with a lightweight roller to create a complete performance driven, convenient tension measuring system.

LCR’s are manufactured to your exact specifications with a variety of load range, mounting, roll material, and finish options.

Featuring Montalvo’s new ES Load Cells, the LCR provides industry leading sensitivity to the slightest changes in tension so your application is a productive and profitable as possible.

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