Load Cell Roll Assembly

Load Cell Roller Assembly

Load Cell Roll Assembly

LCR Load Cell and Roller Assembly’s are designed as drop in replacements of existing rollers to add direct material tension sensing to your application. The LCR provides the ideal tension control solution for performance and convenience.

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Built to Suit
The LCR is engineered to your exact specifications to fit the needs of your application.

Ultimate Roller Performance
Featuring aluminum tubing ideal for low start-up inertia, the roller is available with extra low drag maintenance free bearings and can be dynamically balanced for speeds up to 1500 fpm

Design Options
Compatible with any ES Load Cell: Dead Shaft/Idler, Live Shaft, Live Roller
Mounting Options: Standard, Flange, Split Pillow Block
Load Ranges: <1lb up to 1,000 lbs
Roll Materials: aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, and more
Surface Finishes: grooved, knurled, and more
Coatings: rubber, plating, hard coat anodized, release, and more

Convenience Defined
Montalvo builds the load cells and the roller, combines them and ships to you ready to drop into your application.

ES Load Cells
100% stainless steel body, IP54 (dust proof) rating, mechanical variance compensation and maximum repeatability, accuracy, and precision.

Industry Leading Sensitivity
The ability for you load cells to detect the slightest changes in tension can be the difference between profit and scrap. Montalvo’s ES Load Cells lead the industry in sensitivity.

Industry Standard Connector
Industry standard M12 4-pin sensor connector gives you more flexibility in your cable choice.

For additional information on the Load Cell Roll Assembly please download the LCR Datasheet.



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