New Video – The V Pad: Productivity Defined!

Montalvo has launched its new video series. Leading off is our demonstration of Montalvo’s exclusive V Pad.

For awhile we have been touting how the V Pad is the definition of productivity. As the originators of the V Pad we have described its greatest features:

* Tool-less pad changing process
* Snap-out, snap-in pad changes
* Superior construction for superior performance

Now, see it in action. We give you a first hand experience at how fast you can change every pad on your brake in this brief 1:45 video.

Gain productivity, gain efficiency, gain performance. All with the V Pad.

The V Pad comes standard on all Montalvo V Brakes, and can be fitted as a drop in replacement with the Dual V Module for Montalvo Standard and HP Brakes.

Watch the Video below, or visit Montalvo’s Better Web Control Channel on YouTube.