Dual U4 Tension Control Cabinet with Splice

Dual U4 Tension Control Cabinet with Splice

Problem: Provide simple, stable unwind tension control for dual unwind stands that allows for quick roll changeover at time of splice.

Solution: Montalvo U-4 Open-loop tension controllers in a custom cabinet that provides the switching and logic for the system to manage the splice smoothly and efficiently.


  • Overview

The Montalvo U-4 controllers were configured to operate with proximity switch (pulse-tachometer) reference to accurately calculate the unwind roll diameter. The controller provides stable torque reduction of the Montalvo brakes to maintain constant unwind tension from the full roll diameter down to the empty core. At the time of splice, the operator simply switches the controller to reference roll “B” from roll “A”, and proceeds with the splice sequence. The controller automatically changes the diameter reference from roll A to roll B, and automatically changes the output air pressure to the correct level for the incoming roll size. The result is reliable splices and accurate, repeatable tension control roll after roll, time after time.


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