• A4 Digital Amplifier
  • A4 Digital Amplifier

    Push button calibration & zero-ing

  • A4 Digital Amplifier

    A4 Load Cell Signal Amplifier

  • A4 Digital Amplifier

    Easy Installation and Wiring

A4 Digital Amplifier

With push button calibration and zeroing, automatic load cell fault detection and USB connection, the A4 blends usability, functionality, and performance in one small convenient package.

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Push Button Calibration

Push Button Zero-ing

Automatic Load Cell Fault/Damage Detection

Powers Digital & Analog (needle type) Meters

Integrates with Both Drives & PLC’s

3 Channel Output: Left, Right, and Total

Remotely Calibrate & Graphically Monitor Raw Inputs from Your Computer
Utilize the integrated USB port to connect the amplifier directly into your computer to remotely calibrate and graphically monitor both raw inputs from the load cells and amplifier outputs.

Multiple Electronic Output Options

0-10V or 4-20mA outputs, 0-100mA selectable.

24 Volt Operation
The low voltage supply keeps you safe & reduces EMI(electromagnetic interference) aka Noise.

Works with Your Load Cells
The A4 is compatible with both Semiconductor (5V) & Foil Gauge Load Cells (10V).

Easy Installation
Small enclosure coupled with easy DIN Rail mounting gives the A4 plenty of installation options.

For additional information on the A4 Digital Amplifier please download the A4 Datasheet.


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