M-3224 Strain Gauge Amplifier

M-3224 Strain Gauge Amplifier

Montalvo’s M-3224 Strain Gauge Load Cell Amplifier is powered by 24 VDC. The M-3224 is used in conjunction with one or two load cells to indicate and monitor web tension by amplifying the load cell signal.

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24 VDC
Utilizes 24 VDC supply voltage provided typically by PLC’s and Machine Control Circuitry.

Versatile Compatibility
The M-3224 Strain Gauge Amplifier is compatible with virtually any load cell and controller regardless of manufacturer.

Compact, Lightweight Design
Fits within virtually any application

Interface with PLC, PC, AC/DC or Servo Drive
Output is capable of interfacing with PLC, PC, AC/DC or Servo Drive

DIN Rail Mountable

Semi-Conductor Based
M-3224 Strain Gauge Amplifiers are designed for semi-conductor load cells.

CE Marked

More Than 99% Accurate

24 V Alarm Output With Adjustable Trip Point

Cost Effective

Output Can Drive Digital or Analog (needle type) Tension Meters

For additional information on the M-3224 Strain Gauge Amplifier please download the M-3224 Datasheet.


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