Montalvo’s Load Cell Advantage

The quality of a load cell comes down to its quality of signal. Montalvo uses industry leading semiconductor strain gauges to detect even the slightest changes in tension.

Consistent, repeatable productivity relies on a consistent, repeatable tension signal. Our load cells give you the reliable, accurate, and precise tension signal you require, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Service Life
Stainless steel, IP54 & IP67 ratings, overload protection & chemical and corrosion resistance provide a longer load cell service life for you.

Your application depends on reliable tension feedback to maintain exact and precise tension. Montalvo load cells are built for reliability.

We pride ourselves on our ongoing after sales service and support for all of our customers. We are here for you!

Expanded Capabilities
Montalvo Load Cells allow you to achieve more. Increase end product quality, increase productivity, & reduce waste.