Load Cell Sensitivity and Resolution

Start with Superior Load Cells, Finish with Superior Product Quality

Superior tension control starts with a superior tension signal. A superior signal comes from load cells with superior components. Montalvo load cells are designed and manufactured to produce a consistent, repeatable, superior tension signal.

Check out the data below to see what it means when we say we only manufacture load cells that are industry leaders in accuracy, sensitivity, and performance.

Load Cell Beam Testing

*Montalvo utilizes the same beam technology amongst its entire line of load cells. Although the following chart and graphs specifically label the ES Series of load cells, the information applies to the beams that are used in Montalvo’s other styles of load cells.

Load Cell Sensitivity* & Resolution** Tests

The following chart shows the results of our load cell sensitivity & resolution testing. It represents the ability of individual beams to reliably and repeatably detect and produce a signal for a change in load/tension. For example, testing has shown that our 3 lb beam can reliably and repeatedly detect and produce a signal of a 0.002 Pound/0.01 Newton change in load/tension.

Load Cell Testing Chart

The slightest changes in your application’s tension can be the major difference in end product profit or waste. The ability for your load cells to sensitively detect and produce an output based on those tension changes makes all the difference. Montalvo’s load cells reliably and repeatedly detect the slightest changes in tension.

Superior tension control starts with the ability of your load cells to produce a superior tension signal.

*Sensitivity refers to the load cell’s ability to detect changes
**Resolution refers to the load cell’s ability to produce an output relative to the detected change

Load cells can be highly sensitive; but if they do not also feature high resolution then your application will never fully receive the sensitive signal. Montalvo ensures each of its load cells are leaders in both sensitivity and resolution.