• Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

    Unwind Zone, Load Cell Feedback

  • Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

    Remote Version

  • Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller
  • Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

    Circuit Board Version

  • Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

    Enclosure Version

  • Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

    7" HD Interface

  • Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

    Z4 Web Tension Controller

  • Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

Z4-UL Unwind Load Cell Tension Controller

Designed for unwind tension zones utilizing load cell feedback for tension measurement with a full range of functions and features to maximize your process capabilities.

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Designed for Unwind Tension Zones utilizing Load Cell feedback

7” HD Interactive Display Screen
A high definition, crystal clear, and easy to navigate HMI blends form and function into one convenient package

Trend Storage
Continuously stores the last 7 days of process run data to get a more detailed look of your production. See machine downtime, run lengths, speeds, and tension, and more. Take your data with you by plugging in a USB thumbdrive.

Remote Installation and Multiple Mounting Options
The Z4-UL remote version (Z4-UL-R) allows you to install the circuit board and the HMI in separate locations, while the enclosure version (Z4-UL-E) can be installed as either a panel or surface mount.

Integrated Tension Indication (remote and enclosure versions)
Clear, easy to read, integrated digital version of an analog meter keeps you informed of the exact tension you are running. Tension is also displayed numerically.

User Defined Units and Scale
Customize the interface, units, and scale to meet your specific requirements.

EtherNet/IP™ (ODVA Certified) Communication Option

Multi-Lingual HMI

24V Version Available

Upgradeable Communications

Compatible with Pneumatic or Electric Brakes and Clutches

Compatible with Drives

Analog & Digital Hybrid Tension Controller
The speed of analog combined with the functionality of digital; making tension corrections faster than any other controller. Simple to Program, Highly Responsive!

Automated Shaft Fill
When a shaft fill core is used the Z4 can activate the air shaft to lock cores into place preventing the slightest slip.

Set It & Forget It Technology
With a few simple button presses your machine operates at maximum efficiency without constant monitoring.

For additional information download the Z4-UL Datasheet

Minimizes tension upsets during start up.

Prevents web tension from dropping during rapid deceleration.

Maintains tension on materials during flying splice, resulting in successful splices without tension changes.

Web Break Detection
Programmable alarms or stop machine should a break occur, reducing waste and productivity loss.

Progressive Gain
Ensures uniform stability from full roll all the way down to the core

Programmable Diameter Alarm
Alerts operator or stops machine if certain parameters (that you set) in your process are reached.


Variable Wrap Angle Technology
Allows for load cells to be mounted on rolls directly after the unwind roll or directly before the rewind roll, without having to isolate that tension sensing roll. Also allows for single sided roller contact to your material. Learn More

Range Expansion
Allows you run multiple types of materials and tensions on one machine, gain greater control at lower torque ranges, run high mass rolls at lighter tensions, and run low torque and tension applications that require high torque to stop. Learn More

Dual Calibration
Calibrate the same load cell(s) with two different ranges.   Ideal for driven applications where the tension ranges are very high.

Remote Setpoint
Remotely input or adjust tension setpoint

Remotely Turn Tension On/Off


(enclosure version)





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