September 2012 Newsletter

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Tension Control Article: The Importance of Load Cells (Transducers)
Montalvo at SuperCorr Expo 2012: Booth #3035 Corrugating Roll Stand Brake Upgrade Packages

Tension Control Article: The Importance of Load Cells (Transducers)

Excerpt: “The trend towards faster, wider web width machinery and the processing of a broader range of substrates has resulted in a greater emphasis being placed on tension control equipment. Without an accurate method of measurement and control, product quality and productivity will be affected. Distortions in a material, stretched as a result of excessive tension, can be just as counterproductive as folds and creases from too low a tension. Web breaks and the consequent downtime are costly affairs.

In order to control web tension, there must be continual and precise measurement of actual tension in the web in a format that is meaningful to the process line’s tension control system. That system regulates tension through the drives or through brakes at zones in the line that are preset to determine tension levels.”

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Montalvo at SuperCorr Expo 2012: Booth #3035 Corrugating Roll Stand Brake Upgrade Packages

Montalvo will once again be attending the SuperCorr Expo in Atlanta, GA, showcasing its Corrugating Brake Upgrade Packages. Montalvo has worked with the industry’s biggest names in Corrugating machines, including Martin, Langston, MHI, Marquip, United and more!

Montalvo has specifically designed and modified its line of V Series Brakes to meet the unique requirements of each of these corrugating machines to make installation simple and fast while producing long term productivity and profitability gains.

On display at this year’s SuperCorr will be a Martin and Langston Upgrade package along with presentations on their upgrade packages for a variety of other corrugating machines. Video presentations will detail the installation process to show everyone just how easy it is with Montalvo.

Montalvo will also be showcasing their U-Series line of load cells with live sensitivity and output tests. If your not able to attend the show and would either like copies of the upgrade packages presentations or additional information on any of Montalvo’s Corrugating Brake Upgrades.