Step 2: Load Cell Retrofit

TNT Tension Sensing Roller

Tension Sensing Roller

The Montalvo Brakes you just installed eliminates tension upsets that dancer is meant to correct. The existing dancer also does not provide actual tension feedback from the material you are running.

By replacing one of the existing idler rollers on your press with a Montalvo TNT or LCR load cell and roll assembly, you can bypass the dancer and receive continuous feedback of actual tension from your materials, upgrading the performance of your press.

  • Remover existing idler roll
  • Drop in load cell roll replacement
  • Web material to bypass dancer and utilize load cell roll

mark-andry-load cell upgrade

Mark Andy 2200 with Tension Sensing Roller


  •  Increased End Product Quality
    Feedback from the load cells keeps you material continually at the precise tension level required, ensuring your end product is always of the highest quality.
  • Decreased Waste
    Consistent and accurate tension feedback prevents any web disturbances giving you less waste and a more profitable roll.
  • Sensitivity
    Load cells sensitive to the slightest changes in tension allow your tension controller to take immediate corrective action ensuring your tension is always being precisely controlled.
  • Continuous Feedback
    Instantaneous and continuous tension feedback to the tension controller keeps your entire system in communication throughout your process, eliminating potential problems, increasing productivity and profitability.


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