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Can I use foil gauge or strain gauge load cells with this amplifier?

The A4 works with both foil gauge and strain gauge load cells.

Do you offer an amplifier with push button calibration?

The A4 Amplifier can be calibrated with a simple push of a button. Please refer to the Calibration Instructions for details.

What tension signals are available with the A4?

The A4 is capable of providing a tension signal for Total, Left, and Right.

How do I calibrate this amplifier?

Please refer to the Calibration Instructions for details.

How do I test output?

Utilize a digital multi meter and test output using terminal 8 on the A4.

How do I install this amplifier?

Please refer to the wiring diagrams and calibration instructions above for installation information.

How do I determine what calibration weight to use if it needs to be 10% of full scale?

In order to take advantage of the push-button calibration feature on the A4 Digital Amplifier, the calibration weight used must be equal to 10% of the load rating of one of the load cells. For instance, if the load cells are rated for 250-lbs, then a weight of 10% of this value should be used (25-lbs). A weight other than 10% of the load cell load rating can be used, however the calibration procedure must be performed utilizing a laptop computer, a USB cable, and the free calibration utility available on the A4 Product Page.

Once this program is downloaded and installed on your laptop, the amplifier can be calibrated utilizing any known weight that is at least 10% of the stated load capacity of the load cells.