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How long will my pads last?

This greatly depends on many factors and varies from application to application. However, typical pad life can be a minimum of 4-6 months under normal to high utilization. It is not uncommon for pads to last up to a year or more in properly sized applications.

How do I identify what pad I’m using?

There are 4 major points Montalvo uses to identify friction pads. 1. The shape of the pad. 2. The color of the pad. 3. The color of the edge of the pad. 4. The number engraved on the back of the pad.

How much air pressure is required to activate my pads?

Assuming your IP Converter is properly calibrated the pads should only require 1 PSI to activate them.

Why might my pads be wearing down excessively?

Excessive pad wear is caused by excessive heat. If there has been changes made to overall tension or you are using larger rolls, make sure the brake that you are using is still properly sized for your application.

V Pad: Can I use this pad on my other Montalvo brakes?

The V Pad can be used with the following brakes: V Series, Standard Series, & HP Series. You can order any of these brakes with the V Pads or easily retrofit your current Montalvo Brake for the V or Dual V Friction Modules.

Why is there a cross hatch pattern cut into my pads?

The cross hatched pattern is cut into the friction pads to help reduce squeal.