April 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

It’s Here: System 4 Has Arrived
The A4: The NEW A4 Digital Amplifier
The S4: Digital Tension Control

System4 Has Arrived

The ALL NEW System4 lineup of Web Tension Control Products ushers in the latest technology, features, and enhancements to increase your productivity and most importantly increase your PROFITABILITY!

Introducing the first two members of System4:

A4 Digital Amplifier
S4 Digital Tension Controller

The A4 Digital Amplifier 

A4 Digital Amplifier

The A4 Digital Amplifier combines simplicity & functionality in one small convenient package. The A4 has been engineered to meet the demands of today’s industry while making operation simple for any user. Ensure your application stays as productive and profitable as possible with the NEW A4 Digital Amplifier.


  • Automatic Load Cell Fault/Damage Detection
  • Remotely Calibrate & Graphically Monitor Raw Inputs from Your Computer
  • Quick & Easy Calibration
  • Easy Installation
  • Integrates with Both Drives & PLC’s
  • Works with Your Load Cells
  • 3 Channel Output: Left, Right, & Total
  • Powers Digital & Analog (needle type) Meters
  • Multiple Electronic Output Options
  • 24 V Operation

Learn more about the A4 Amplifier

The S4 Digital Tension Controller Faster Delivery – Lower Price – Proven Technology

s4 tension controller surface mount

S4 (surface mount)

Precise, Accurate, Consistent Tension Control in a compact modular unit. The S4 is THE EASIEST Controller in the industry to install, calibrate, and run while still offering a full range of advanced features. Performance & Simplicity combine to maximize your productivity and profitability.


  • Set It & Forget It Technology
  • Extremely Flexible Operating Options
  • Easy Operation
  • Enhanced Productivity From Shift to Shift
  • Material Tension Memory & Recall
  • Unwind & Rewind Functionality
  • Progressive Gain Technology

Learn more about the S4 Tension Controller