August 2015 Better Web Control Newsletter

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Z4 Load Cell Tension Controller
Blog: Ultrasonic vs. Proximity Sensors

Z4 Tension Controller – Utilizing Load Cell Feedback
Unwind – Rewind – Nip/Process Control

Z4 Web Tension Controller

Z4 Web Tension Controller

Montalvo’s newest web tension controller, the Z4, utilizes load cell feedback to provide precise, consistent and high quality tension control for your unwind, rewind, or nip/process tension zones.
The Z4 has a full range of features and functions specific to the unique variables found in each tension zone like soft-start for unwinds, and taper for rewinds, to ensure the highest quality results from start to finish.

Other features include:

  • 7″ HD Interactive Display Screen
  • Trend Storage
  • Remote Installation and Multiple Mounting Options
  • Integrated Tension Indication (remote and enclosure versions)
  • User Defined Units and Scale
  • and much more

Full a full list of features and functions of the new Z4 check out the individual product pages on

Check out the Z4 Unwind Load Cell Controller (Z4-UL)

Check out the Z4 Rewind Load Cell Controller (Z4-RL)

Check out the Z4 Nip Load Cell Controller (Z4-NL) 

Ultrasonic vs Prox Switches for Diameter Measurement
A brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.us4 ultrasonic sensor

When deciding whether to use an ultrasonic sensor or proximity switches for you diameter measurement it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can utilize the best device for the unique requirements of your process.

In our newest post we take a quick look at proximity switches and ultra sonic sensors to help you decide.

Check out the blog post

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