December 2013 Newsletter

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Tension Controllers for Dancer Applications
Dancer Position Sensor

Tension Controllers for Dancer Applications

Dancer applications contain unique variables when it comes to properly controlling tension. Our D Series of tension controllers are designed specifically for those unique variables while still offering the functionality and ease of use you require.

DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller w/ Tension Indication

DTI3400 Dancer Controller w/ Tension Indication

Our D3400 Dancer Tension Controller and DTI-3400 Dancer Controller with Tension Indication gives you greater control over the unwind of your dancer application, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. Compatible with a variety of dancer feedback devices, including:

• Dancer Position Sensors
• Ultrasonic Sensors
• Potentiometers
• Laser Sensor
• Proximity Switches

The D Series Tension Controllers immediately corrects for any changes in the dancers position which represents a change in tension. The D Series also offers a full range of performance features including:

• Soft Start
• Anti Coast
• Web Break Detection
• Splice

For a complete list of features or downloads visit the DTl-3400 product page, D-3400 product page, or contact your local Montalvo Applications Specialist.

Dancer Position Sensor

DPS Installed on Dancer

DPS Installed on Dancer

The most effective dancer applications provide the dancer tension controller with immediate, accurate, and precise feedback to changes in the dancer’s position, while being easy for you to install and utilize.

The DPS Is a mlcro-electric, no wear part, zero maintenance position sensor which responds quicker and provides immediate feedback
to the slightest changes in dancer position.

IP68 rated. the DPS features an extremely long swce nre. Is short circuit proof, and requires ZERO tools fer calibrating.

For a complete list of DPS features and functionality visit the DPS product page, or contact your Montalvo Applications Specialist.