Composites Tension Control

Since 1947 Montalvo has been a leader in the manufacturing of higher quality, higher-performing tension control components that improve the productivity of manufacturing processes for reduced waste and higher quality end products. As contributors to technical articles for CompositesWorld and JEC Magazine, and frequent speakers and exhibitors at CAMX, SAMPE, and JEC World, Montalvo is a recognized leader in tension control for the Composites Industry.

A Critical Component – “Good Enough” is No Longer Good Enough.

Adding an automated tension control system expands both the existing and future capabilities of your process while delivering critical benefits for you, your customers, their customers, and beyond. Achieve More with Tension Control.

composites tension control

How Can We Help Make Your Process More Productive?

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Montalvo Composites Tension Control

Montalvo Tension Control Solutions for Composites Manufacturing

Montalvo Tension Control Solutions for Composites Manufacturing

  • Reduce or Eliminate the Risk of Catastrophic Failure
  • Reduce or Eliminate Wrinkling, Weakening, Breaking, Delamination, and More
  • Reduce Manual/Hands-On Process Dependency
  • Prevent Web Related In-Plane Wave Defects
  • Remove Quality and Consistency Concerns
  • Prevent Twisting, Fraying, Blistering, and Abrasion
  • Eliminate Misalignment
  • Eliminate Random Tension Impacts
  • Decrease Catenary
  • Improve Kitting Accuracy and Reduce Waste

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