July 2012 Newsletter

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Dancer Tension Control
Product Spotlight: Dancer Position Sensor (DPS)

Dancer Tension Control

DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller w/ Tension Indication

DTI3400 Dancer Controller w/ Tension Indication

Processes that require rapid acceleration and/or deceleration respond better to dancer control methods. Indexing, or Start/Stop applications with relatively short dwell or idle times respond better to dancer control due to the web storage capacities that well designed dancer systems afford. Continuous application where on-the-fly splices are utilized, dancer systems again provide necessary web storage for smooth, trouble-free splices.

Processes that require the use of a dancer require a tension controller that can bring precise, accurate, and repeatable control to your application. Montalvo features two controllers specifically designed for the unique requirements of a dancer system. The DTI-3400HD and D-3400HD combines leading technology with advanced functionality to create a performance driven, convenient and easy to operate tension control system.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Soft Start: eliminates shocks to the web on startup
  • Anti-coast: prevents web tension from dropping on stop
  • Web Break Detection: stops machine should a break occur
  • Splice: maintains tension for more successful splices
  • Compatible with a variety of feedback sources such as: ultra-sonic sensors, dancer position sensors, proximity switches, laser sensors, and potentiometers
  • Prevents over compensation of the dancer/rider arm when detecting an error in tension to ensure uniform control.
  • and more

For a full list of benefits and more details check out the DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller with Indication or the D-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller webpages.

Product Spotlight: Dancer Position Sensor (DPS)

DPS Installed on Dancer

DPS Installed on Dancer

No-Contact, No-Wear, Dancer/Roll Arm Position Sensors

Say goodbye to complicated, time consuming dancer/rider arm potentiometers with the DPS dancer position sensor / inclinometer. The DPS is a microelectric, no wear part system that responds quicker and more accurately to any changes in the dancers position.

Key Benefits:

Faster response time provides immediate position feedback, while providing extreme accuracy of +/- 0.5° (99.98%). The DPS is also short circuit proof. The DPS is sensitive to the slightest changes in the dancer arm position, <0.1°, which gives you precise and accurate tension feedback.

Maintain proper tension & maximize the profitability of your machines with the DPS Dancer Position Sensor/Inclinometer. Compact housing & two mounting holes allows for easy and versatile installation without needing to make adjustments to you application. Non-contact housing combined with no wear parts gives the DPS Dancer Position Sensor/Inclinometer an exceptionally long service life. IP-68 Rated, water & dust proof.

For a full list of benefits and more information visit the DPS Product Page here