• Axial Activated Core Chucks

    Axial Activated Core Chuck

  • Axial Activated Core Chucks

    Axial Activated Core Chuck

  • Axial Activated Core Chucks

    Axial Activated Core Chuck

Axial Activated Core Chucks

Montalvo’s GRAA is a maintenance free, heavy duty mechanical core chuck capable of handling very high roll weights. It is engineered to use the side force pressure of machine arms to expand and grip the core. As the core presses against the core stop flange on the outer housing of the chuck, the outer housing moves back and the lugs or leaves expand with absolute concentricity. The chuck can only expand when the core hits the flange, as the outer nose is part of the inner body. Available with Adapters or in a Step Design for quick change to larger core sizes ranging from 3″ to 16″.

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Roller bearings between the internal inclined planes
For smooth expansion and retraction

Self expanding grippers
No air required (reduces installation cost)

Step Design (dual core) Models
For processes utilizing multiple core sizes – one chuck, two core sizes.

Optional Core Size Adapters
Easy, cost effective bolt on change to larger core sizes.

Wide Range of Core Diameters
Available sizes from 3″ to 16″.

Customer Specified Mounting Holes/Flange
Ready for immediate installation upon delivery.

Capable of Withstanding Harsher Environments

Rugged, Durable, Dependable Performance for Lower Total Cost of Ownership

High-Quality Steel Construction
Provides long service life requiring minimal maintenance.

Drop-In Replacement Design
For easy upgrading of existing installations.

For additional information on our Axial Activated Core Chucks download the Datasheet.

GR Series

Axial Activated Models

(per chuck)
3″ (70mm)
4″ (100mm)
5″ (125mm)
6″ (150mm)
Max. Capacity
lb (N)
2,700 (12,000) 3,370 (15,000) 4,500 (20,000) 5,600 (24,900)
Max. Torque**
in-lb (Nm)
3,360 (380) 3,980 (450) 4,780 (540) 6,000 (675)
Max. Torque**
in-lb (Nm)
1,770 (200) 2,120 (240) 2,550 (290) 3,100 (350)

*Standard Models only. Please contact your Montalvo representative for Non-Standard requirements.
** Torque figures based on 1800 lb of axial thrust. All chucks have 0.39”-0.47” (10-12mm) of expansion.
All models available as STEP CHUCK format allowing for maximum machine efficiency when changing core sizes.



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