M-3324 Foil Gauge Amplifier

M-3324 Foil Gauge Amplifier

Designed for use with 24 VDC and Foil Gauge Load Cells, the M-3324 indicates and monitors web tension by amplifying load cell signals. They provide excitation voltage as well as zero and calibration circuitry. The output can be used to drive a digital or analog meter

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Foil Gauge Load Cells
M-3224 Foil Gauge Amplifiers are designed for foil gauge load cells.

Versatile Compatibility
The M-3224 Foil Gauge Amplifier is compatible with virtually any load cell and controller regardless of manufacturer.

24 VDC
Utilizes 24 VDC supply voltage typically provided by PLC’s and Machine Control Circuitry.

Compact, Lightweight Design
Fits within virtually any application

Interface with PLC, PC, AC/DC or Servo Drive
Output is capable of interfacing with PLC, PC, AC/DC or Servo Drive

DIN Rail Mountable

CE Marked

More Than 99% Accurate

24 V Alarm Output With Adjustable Trip Point

Cost Effective

Output Can Drive Digital or Analog (needle type) Tension Meters

For additional information on the M-3324 Foil Gauge Amplifier please download the M-3324 Datasheet.




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