Tension Controller Functionality Chart

Montalvo engineers a variety of Tension Controllers to meet the requirements of any application. If you are not sure which Controller might be best for you, please refer to the chart below.

Models S4 U4 Z4-UL, NL, RL Z4-UI Z4-UD
Unwind Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intermediate/Nip Yes
Rewind Yes Yes Yes
Differential Rewind Yes
Feedback Type
Load Cells Yes Yes
Dancer Yes Yes
Open Loop/Diameter Sensor
Open Loop Sensors Include: Proximity Sensor, Ultra Sonic Sensor, Dancer Position Sensor, Laser, or Potentiometer
Keypad Yes Yes
Soft Start
Eliminates shocks to the web on start-up
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prevents web tension from dropping on stop
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintains tension on material during splice for more successful splices
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gradually reduces the tension on your material as the roll builds to eliminate telescoping, crushed cores & starred ends
Yes Yes Yes
Inertia Compensation
Minimizes tension variations on rewind during start or stop
Yes Yes
Web Break Detection
Stops machine should a break occur to reduce waste and productivity loss
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Setpoint
Remotely input or adjust tension setpoint
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remotely Control Tension On/Off Yes Yes Yes Yes
Progressive Gain
Ensures uniform control regardless of roll diameter
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi Cal
Save up to 11 different calibration routines to allow for different wrap angles and/or a wide span of Tension ranges
Application Memory Storage
Store multiple tension control parameters for immediate recall when running a variety of materials
Yes Yes
Diameter Alarms
Set alarms to go off when the roll of material reaches a certain Hi or Low limit
Trim Adjust
Automatically increase or decrease the amount of output to your torque device to maintain required tension
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Variable Wrap
Eliminates the need to isolate the tension sensing roll and allows for roll contact to be made to only one side of your web
Yes Yes
Range Expansion
Eliminates the difficulty in matching torque, tension, and stopping requirements of larger rolls to ensure maximum productivity
Yes Yes Yes
Dual Calibration
Calibrate the same load cell(s) with TWO DIFFERENT RANGES. Ideal for driven applications where the tension ranges are very high.
Yes Yes