• Narrow Web and Pulley Load Cells

    X Series Load with Cantilever Rolls or Pulleys

  • Narrow Web and Pulley Load Cells

    Pulley on X Series Load Cell (Model: XR)

  • Narrow Web and Pulley Load Cells

    Cantilever Roller on X Series Load Cell (Model: XN)

  • Narrow Web and Pulley Load Cells

    Customize-able body of X Series Load Cell (Model: XB)

Narrow Web and Pulley Load Cells

X Series load cells are designed for applications utilizing cantilever rollers (narrow web applications) or pulleys (wire, filament, rope or other types of single strand applications). X Series can be compatible with your existing rollers or pulleys, or can be built with a roller or pulley to your specifications.


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Eliminates web drift
Dual parallel beam eliminates the risk of web drift.

Full Bridge

Reduce costs by using your existing cantilever rolls or pulleys
The X Series body can be be built to accept your current rollers or pulleys, upgrading your machine capability for minimal costs.

Built to suit roller or pulley
Whether you need a cantilever roller or pulley or a specific diameter, profile, material, finish, you name it, we customize the X Series to meet your exact needs.

Multiple Load Ranges
Standard load ranges include 10lb/50N and 25lb/125N. Other load ranges available upon request.

Multiple Mounting Options
Available in either Standard Mount (thru-frame single bolt) or Flange Mount

Sensitive to the slightest tension changes
X series load cells feature industry leading technology for resolution & sensitivity. No one makes a better load cell.

100% Stainless Steel Body
Stainless steel and dust resistant (IP54) rating for greater durability for an extended, dependable service life.

Mechanical Variance Compensation
Unique design compensates for shaft expansion & misalignment so performance is never sacrificed in the event of installation variables.

360┬░ Overload Protection
300% overload protection from any angle. Montalvo keeps your load cells protected & your machines running.

For additional information on X-Series Load Cells download the X-Series Datasheet.



(XB) Standard Mount
(XB) Flange Mount


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