• Pneumatically Activated Core Chucks

    Pneumatically Activated Core Chuck

  • Pneumatically Activated Core Chucks

    Pneumatically Activated Core Chuck w/ Adapter

  • Pneumatically Activated Core Chucks

    Pneumatically Activated Core Chuck w/ Adapter

Pneumatically Activated Core Chucks

The GRPA is a high performance, heavy duty steel core chuck with air-activated pistons that mechanically drive ramped expanders outward for perfect centering. The chuck is available with either expanding leaves or lugs and with either flange or shaft extension mounting. Also available are lightweight Adapters that easily slip over and lock into the base chuck with three locating pins for quick changeover to larger size cores and transmission of torque. The GRPA is recommended for higher weights, speed and torque requirements for either stop and go or continuous operations and for any unwinding or rewinding where perfect centering is required.

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Perfect for unwinds requiring absolute centering and fail-safe grip

Ideal for Unwind, Flying, or Zero Speed Splicing

Designed for high roll weight, maximum speed and torque

Air actuated piston(s) concentrically expand leaf or lug grippers

Available Core Adapters – Quick and Easy Core Size Changes
Standard and custom tool-less sizes for applications utilizing multiple core sizes.

Optional design GR20PTA for extremely high torque requirements
Especially effective with steel cores and heavy duty applications during E-Stop.

Rugged, Durable, Dependable Performance for Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Drop-In Replacement Design
For easy upgrading of existing installations

Positive and Negative Air Expansion Models
Air actuate/spring retract – or – spring engage/air retract

Actuated via rotary union and/or air gun

Durable Construction
For the heaviest loads and longest duty cycles

For additional information on our Pneumatically Activated Core Chucks download the Datasheet.

GR Series

Pneumatically Activated Models

(per chuck)
3″ (70mm)
4″ (100mm)
5″ (125mm)
6″ (150mm)
Max. Capacity
lb (N)
2,700 (12,000) 3,150 (14,000) 4,500 (20,000) 5,600 (25,000)
Max. Torque
in-lb (Nm)
7,080 (800) 9,200 (1,040) 11,500 (1,300) 13,800 (1,560)
Max. Torque
in-lb (Nm)
3,550 (400) 4,700 (530) 5,850 (660) 7,100 (800)

*Standard Models only. Please contact your Montalvo representative for Non-Standard requirements.
Note: Air pressure min. – 85 PSI (5.86 bar)
All models available as STEP CHUCK format allowing for maximum machine efficiency when changing core sizes.


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