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Pneumatically Activated Core Chucks

Commonly used in applications running lighter rolls of material and/or at higher speeds (ex: laminating, sheeting, paper, corrugated, etc), Montalvo Defender Series Pneumomechanical Core Chucks are designed to ensure maximum grip, stability, and performance, delivering constant engagement to your core regardless of torque and direction.

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Specially Designed Lug Return Mechanism
Delivers 10x more force to lugs for 100% simultaneous return to rest position every time

Wide Lugs
Ensure minimal to no damage

Superior Carbon Steel Construction
Pneumatic engagement of wider lugs ensure minimal to no core damage while ensuring maximum operator and roll safety, with a more durable, longer service life

Available Core Adapters – Quick and Easy Core Size Changes
For applications utilizing multiple core sizes, D-PA Core Chuck are available with a wide range of aluminum adapters for different Core ID’s.

Optional Vulcanized Rubber Lugs
Ideal for Steel or PVC cores

Rugged, Durable, Dependable Performance for Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Ideal for Unwind, Flying, or Zero Speed Splicing

Drop-In Replacement Design
For easy upgrading of existing installations

Positive and Negative Air Expansion Models

Durable Construction
For the heaviest loads and longest duty cycles

For additional information on our Pneumatically Activated Core Chucks download the Datasheet.

Single Core – Positive Engagement

For roll weights up to 8,992 lbs (40,000 N)

PA Positive Engagement Models

Model # Core
in (mm)
Expansion Range
in (mm)
Max. Load
lb (N)
Max. Torque
in-lb (Nm)
Drawings Price Request
PA-S-70-P 2.76 (70) 2.7-3.07 (68.5-78) 2,023 (9,000) 3,451 (390) Request PA-S-70-P Drawing Quote
PA-S-3-P 3 (76) 2.93-3.3 (74.5-83.8) 2,697 (12,000) 5,310 (600) Request PA-S-3-P Drawing Quote
PA-S-4-P 4 (100) 3.88-4.23 (98.5-107.5) 3,596 (16,000) 7,965 (900) Request PA-S-4-P Drawing Quote
PA-S-5-P 5 (127) 4.86-5.22 (123.5-132.5) 6,744 (30,000) 19,471 (2,200) Request PA-S-5-P Drawing Quote
PA-S-6-P 6 (152) 5.85-6.18 (148.5-157) 8,992 (40,000) 39,828 (4,500) Request PA-S-6-P Drawing Quote

*P = Positive Engagement

*120mm, 125mm Core model’s also available

Single Core – Negative Engagement

For roll weights up to 2,248 lbs (10,000 N)

PA Negative Engagement Models

Model # Core
in (mm)
Expansion Range
in (mm)
Max. Load
lb (N)
Drawings Price Request
PA-S-70-N 2.76
Request PA-S-70-N Drawing  Quote
PA-S-3-N 3
Request PA-S-3-N Drawing  Quote
PA-S-6-N 6
Request PA-S-6-N Drawing  Quote

*N = Negative Engagement


Available Aluminum Adapters

Model # Fits Chuck Core Adapter Size Expansion Range
in (mm)
Drawings Price Request
PA-S-70-A4 PA-S-70-P
4″ 3.86-4.21 (98-107) Request 1200-T Drawing  Quote
PA-S-70-A6 PA-S-70-P
6″ 5.85-6.2 (148.5-157.5) Request PA-S-70-A6 Drawing  Quote
PA-S-70-A8 PA-S-70-P
8″ 7.81-8.17 (198.5-207.5) Request PA-S-70-A8 Drawing  Quote
PA-S-70-A10 PA-S-70-P
10″ 8.76-10.12 (248-257) Request PA-S-70-A10 Drawing  Quote
PA-S-3-A5 PA-S-3-P
5″  4.92-5.29 (125-134.4) Request PA-S-3-A5 Drawing Quote
PA-S-3-A6 PA-S-3-P
6″  5.85-6.2 (148.5-157.5) Request PA-S-3-A6 Drawing Quote
PA-S-4-A8 PA-S-4-P
8″  7.81-8.17 (198.5-207.5) Request PA-S-4-A8 Drawing Quote
PA-S-4-A10 PA-S-4-P
10″  9.78-10.14 (248.5-257.5) Request PA-S-4-A10 Drawing Quote
PA-S-6-A8 PA-S-6-P
8″  7.81-8.17 (198.5-207.5) Request PA-S-6-A8 Drawing Quote
PA-S-6-A10 PA-S-6-P
10″  9.78-10.14 (248.5-257.5) Request PA-S-6-A10 Drawing Quote
PA-S-6-A12 PA-S-6-P
12″  11.89-12.24 (302-311) Request PA-S-6-A12 Drawing Quote

*Other Core ID Adapters Available Upon Request


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