September 2011 Newsletter

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Achieve Tension Control Euphoria With The All NEW U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Tension Controller
System4: Intelligent Design

Achieve Tension Control Euphoria With The All NEW U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Tension ControllerU4 Tension Controller

As the latest addition to Montalvo’s SYSTEM4 line up of products the U4 brings advanced features (typically found only in closed-loop control systems) such as soft start, anti-coast, and taper tension, to open-loop tension control.

The U4 is compatible with a variety of inputs, including ultra-sonic sensors, proximity switches, laser sensors, & rider arms.

Store up to 9 groups of Tension Control Parameters and when combined with Montalvo’s exclusive “Set it & Forget it” technology your machines run at maximum productivity each and every shift delivering immediate productivity & profitability gains.

  • Other features include:
  • Programmable Diameter Alarms
  • Unwind & Rewind Functionality
  • Soft Start, Anti-Coast, Taper, Splice Imperial or Metric Set-up
  • Trim Adjust
  • 0-10V or 4-20mA Output

To learn more about the U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Controller visit the U4 Product Webpage

System4 Intelligent Design

The U4 adds to the growing number of products that comprise Montalvo’s newest innovations & technologically advanced web tension control products.

System4 Lineup:

S4 Digital Tension Controller

S4 Digital Tension Controller – Surface Mount

  • S4 Digital Tension Controller
  • U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Controller
  • A4 Digital Amplifier

The S4 Digital Controller


  • Set It & Forget It Technology Easy Operation
  • Flexible Operation
  • Unwind or Rewind Strain or Foil Gauge Load Cells
  • Panel or Surface Mount Pneumatic or Electric Brakes
  • Pneumatic or Electric Clutches
  • 15 Stored Tension Parameter Groups
  • Unwind & Rewind Fucntionality
    • Soft Start, Anti-Coast, Splice, Taper, Inertia Comp, Web Break Detection, Remote Setpoint, Remote Tension On/Off

The S4 is a seamless replacement for all Montalvo S Series Controllers and features a lower price & 2 week delivery time.

Learn More About the S4 Here 

The A4 Digital Amplifier

Features:A4 Digital Amplifier

  • Automatic Application
  • Fault/Damage Detection
  • Remote Calibration
  • Remotely Monitor Graphical
  • Inputs
  • One Push Button Calibration
  • One Push Button Zeroing
  • Easy Operation
  • Semiconductor and Foil Gauge Load Cell Compatible Left, Right, & Total Output
  • 24 V Operation
  • Integrates with both Drives & PLCs

Learn More About the A4 Here