Unwind, Process, and Rewind Tension Control

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Unwind Tension Control

Precise, accurate and consistent tension control straight from the start.

Load Cell, Dancer, Diameter Based or Variable Wrap Unwind Controllers that feature soft-start, anti-coast, splice and more.

Unwind Tension Controllers:

Tension Control Unwind Web Path

Process (Nip) Tension Control

Ensure high quality accurate material processing with Montalvo Process (Nip) Tension control.

Functions include:

Process (Nip) Tension Controllers:

Process-Nip Web Tension Control Path

Rewind Tension Control

Maximize your end product quality by finishing just how you started;  with precise, accurate, consistent tension control.

Load Cell, Diameter Based or Variable Wrap Rewind Controllers

Functions include: inertia compensation, taper, web break detection, and everything else

Rewind Tension Controllers (incl. Differential Rewind):

Web Tension Control Rewind Paths