November 2016 Better Web Control Newsletter

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Troubleshooting Tip
2 Week Tension Control Components
End of the Year Planning

Troubleshooting Tip
Is Your Tension Climbing or Becoming Unstable Near the Core?

If you are experiencing problems at your unwind, particularly as the roll approaches the core, in the form of tension climbing and/or the web tension becoming unstable, it is often caused by an I-P or E-P converter in the need of re-calibration.
The I/P or E/P converter is the device that takes the regulated output control signal from the controller (either open-loop or closed-loop) and adjusts the air pressure to the brake in order to maintain proper tension control.

These devices tend to be subject to the variability of the input air supply and/or suffer degradation over time due to poor air quality (water and/or oil in the supply) or simple wear and tear. Utilizing a high quality air filer (ex: MAF3) will improve air quality and assist system performance. In any event, the overall system performance will benefit from regular, routine calibration of the converter.

The good news is that it is a very simple procedure; it only takes a few minutes, and can be typically performed during roll changes or during a very short down time.
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Delivered in 2 Weeks or Less
Industry Leading Tension Control Components
load cell tension controller and amplifier tension control package

Get the process improvements you require through our industry leading tension control products faster than ever. We are proud to offer some of the shortest lead times in the industry on controllers, load cells, safety chucks, amplifiers and more.

Available products in 2 weeks or less include:
Additional Montalvo products are still available within 3 or 4 weeks, including Z4 Controllers, V, HP and Standard Brakes, Guardian Safety Chucks (standard), U Series Load Cells and much more. Half the time of other manufacturers.
Quality, performance, and productivity delivered quickly to you!

Gear up for 2017
End of the Year Tension Control Upgrades to Start off 2017 Rightproactive productive progressive

With fiscal planning underway for 2017, manufacturers look to maximize their 2016 budgets. An end of the year tension control upgrade is the perfect opportunity to add productivity and profitability to your machines.

Its the perfect time to start the budgetary quoting process to capitalize on any remaining 2016 budget at the end of the year while starting off 2017 right!

A tension control upgrade is an extremely cost effective method for adding increased capabilities and productivity to your machine. Whether it’s just a few key component upgrades or a larger tension control retrofit, Montalvo gives you the performance enhancements you require for years to come.

  • Reduced scrap
  • Increased line speed
  • Higher quality end product
  • Easier operation
  • Reduced maintenance

These are just a few of the possible benefits you can achieve through a Montalvo tension control upgrade.

Talk to a Montalvo Applications Specialist today to receive a quote.

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