October 2017 Better Web Control Newsletter

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EtherNet/IP™ Communications  for Z4 Controller
US4 Ultrasonic Sensor
Achieve Better Web Control in 2018
Delivered in 2 Weeks or Less

EtherNet/IP™ Communications
Z4 Tension Controllers

Montalvo’s line of Z4 Tension Controllers is designed for Unwind, Intermediate/Nip, and Rewind applications utilizing load cells, a dancer, or both. The Z4 has a full range of features and functions specific to the unique variables found in each tension zone like soft-start for unwinds, and taper for rewinds, to ensure the highest quality results from start to finish, and more.
Available as a communication option for Z4 Tension Controllers, or as an upgrade for existing Z4’s in the field, EtherNet/IP allows you to easily interface Z4 Controllers with an existing HMI, allow management to record, and store information about the condition of the machine, and reduce, or eliminate the need for running cables/wires for installation.
ODVA EtherNet/IP™ Features Include:
  • Easy to understand, implement, manage, and maintain
  • Faster communication between Z4’s and other networked devices
  • Easily interface with existing HMI
  • Parameters made available for customized tracking and logging
  • Easily integrates into existing Ethernet system
  • Provides extensive topological flexibility for network installation
Visit any of the  Z4 Tension Controller Product Pages for more information, manuals, datasheets, and more.

US4 Ultrasonic Sensor
Industry Leading Accuracy = Industry Leading Performance

Montalvo’s US4 Ultrasonic sensor gives you more advanced roll diameter detection with superior accuracy and reliability, while still being one of the easiest sensors to install and calibrate.

Built in temperature compensation combined with an IP67 rating ensures a quality signal no matter the environment.
US4 Ultrasonic Sensor
Additional features include:
  • Easy installation
  • Push button calibration
  • 0-1 av or 4-20mA Output
  • Extended sensing ranges
A quality and dependable sensor allows your machine to be more effective and more productive by giving your controller the information it needs to properly control tension. An inaccurate sensor can mean the difference between profit and scrap. Utilize the US4 today, a small but critical piece of your tension control.

Achieve Better Web Control in 2018
End of the Year Tension Control Upgrades to Start off 2018 Right

With fiscal planning underway for 2018, manufacturers look to maximize their 2017 budgets. An end of the year tension control upgrade is the perfect opportunity to add productivity and profitability to your machines ahead of 2018.
A tension control upgrade is an extremely cost-effective method for adding
increased capabilities and productivity to your machine. Whether it’s just a few key component upgrades or a complete tension control retrofit, Montalvo gives you Better Web Control for years to come.
  • Reduced scrap
  • Increased line speed
  • Higher quality end product
  • Easier operation
  • Reduced maintenance
These are just a few of the possible benefits you can achieve through a Montalvo tension control upgrade.
Not sure about what kind of upgrade you may need? We are always available to answer your questions, discuss how to achieve your goals, run through scenarios, and present you with the best options to achieve better web control for improved productivity and profitability.
Talk to a Montalvo Applications Specialist today or give us a call at 800-226-8710 (USA),
+45 75 57 27 11 (Europe), 86-21-52188010 (Asia)

Delivered in 2 Weeks or Less
Industry Leading Tension Control Components

Get the process improvements you require through our industry-leading tension control products faster than ever. We are proud to offer some of the shortest lead times in the industry on controllers, load cells, safety chucks, amplifiers and more.

Available products in 2 weeks or less include:

Torque Sensor with U4 and V Brake

Torque Sensor with U4 and V Brake

The majority of Montalvo products are still available within 3 or 4 weeks, including Z4 ControllersVHP and Standard BrakesGuardian Safety Chucks (standard), U Series Load Cells and much more. Half the time of other manufacturers.
Quality, performance, and productivity delivered quickly to you!

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Need technical assistance, have a question about your application, adding components to a new machine, or want to explore an upgrade or retrofit, we are here to help you any way we can.

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